MatSci50x50  Thermally Conductive Materials

Rapid Composites has the ability to design, tool, mold and safely post-process machine advanced thermally conductive components for a wide range of industries. Our battle proven solutions operate in the most extreme environments.

We have years of experience working with thermally conductive crystalline carbon fabrics, braids, chopped, milled fibers and other grown materials. Some of these materials are produced in a wide range of styles and are available in unidirectional, biaxial and triaxial forms. Pitch fiber can be processed into composites for a variety of thermal and CTE-critical applications that require exceptional fatigue and frictional properties. These materials can be infiltrated with metal, polymers or other conductive particles for optimized thermal and mechanical properties.

Thermally conductive discontinuous fibers are available in a free-flowing form that can be easily blended and compounded with most other materials. Many of the materials utilized have a longitudinal thermal conductivity more than two times higher than copper at 900 W/mK, and a tensile modulus greater than 120 Msi. Chopped fibers are also available in 1/2” to 4″ lengths with a thermal conductivity of 350 W/mK to 900 W/mK varying by grade. These materials can also be mixed as slurry with fibers isotropically oriented ensuring that conductivity will be equal in any direction.

In addition, Rapid Composites routinely develops highly sophisticated conductive solutions that are not mentioned above for it's customers. Our team of material science experts are capable of developing complex engineered solutions, then quickly producing samples for validation and testing in-house.


Pitch Fiber Material Examples:



Notable Advantages:

• Zero CTE

• High Thermal Conductivity

• High Electrical Conductivity

• Excellent Impact Resistance



Graphite Material Examples:

Graphene Material Examples:

Bucky Paper Material Examples: